Our Six Week Mastery Program Will Transform Your Dating Life.

Attracting quality women will become normal. Any blocks, fears or anxiety will be minimised and removed. You will become the most attractive version of yourself and finally feel fulfilled in your dating life.

Do you want to attract beautiful, intelligent & exclusive women?
Do you want a girlfriend or to have amazing experiences with stunning women?
Do you want to uncover the real path to social mastery and attract new, better & more successful people in your life


This may make you more upset but….

The only men who get the women they want, are guys who are connecting and portraying their best version of themselves and despite what ‘PUA’s’ or dating coaches say in their marketing this TRANSFORMATION does not happen in one day on a boot camp or even over a weekend. Before I tell you exactly how you can do this, let me tell you a little bit about myself


Eight years ago, I was more pathetic than you could ever have imagined. I had never kissed a girl in fact I had never even been on a date. I had a tiny social circle of friends who were to be blunt, as big of a loser as I was. I couldn’t even hold eye contact with anyone, let alone with beautiful women.

I made a pact with myself that I was going to change this part of myself and nothing was going to stop me from doing this. I went out day and night for several years, approached tens of thousands of woman… and now…..


I got so good, people began to come to me for advice. I worked for two of the leading dating coaching companies and have run hundreds of seminars around the world explaining how I did it and how you can do it too.

I’ve seen every conceivable dating issue a man could have. I believe I have a universal set of guiding principles, ideas and techniques that in unity will give you what you need to be successful with women, no matter what the starting point.

Six Week Transformation Program

I’ve created using all my years of experience and coaching an intensive 6 week acceleration program that I’ve tested and tested. Quite simply, it works very well and transforms people in a short period of time.


It doesn’t matter what your situation is. Where you come from. How you speak. What you look like. Single, Divorced, Widowed. Virgin.

It doesn’t matter.

If you join me on this I PROMISE to turn it around for you and get the abundance that you need in your life.

Just fill in the form below now to get your free one hour session and I’ll get in touch to arrange with you.

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rain_24x21 Do you feel scared to approach women?
rain_24x21 Do you feel like you run out of things to say?
rain_24x21 Do you feel like this is the last missing piece in your life that you haven’t conquered?
rain_24x21 Do you feel like you could just do ‘better’ with women and meet higher quality ones?
rain_24x21 Do you feel like you don’t fully connect with women, sexually and otherwise?

Once upon a time ago, I would have answered a definite yes to every single question.I know exactly how you feel.

The Six Week Program was designed to create lasting change for you. Something we simply don’t believe happens in a day or even a weekend.


We’ll work closely together and in our 60+ hours of training together (+ course study) you will:

star_16x16 Destroy social fear and especially approach anxiety.
star_16x16 Learn to engage & attract beautiful women anywhere and anytime.
star_16x16 Develop rock solid confidence in any situation.
star_16x16 Become a fantastic conversationalist and never run out of things to say
star_16x16 Develop the complete lifestyle so women are organically a part of it
star_16x16 Discover the best methods to succeed on your dates.
star_16x16 Become truly charismatic & magnetic
star_16x16 Create deep sexual & emotional connection with women
star_16x16 Learn where the best women are.

We innovate and provide a fresh new perspective: We show you in front of your own eyes what is possible.

We create the dating life you deserve through a unique, proven blend of skill development. The six week program is not a ‘bootcamp’, you will become the sex-worthy, attractive guy you want to become.

Attraction & Dating are skill based competencies that this course will give you for life:

1. New approach to reach your dating goals, NOT rehashing or regurgitation of generic mumbo jumbo
2. Continuous feedback loops to quickly pinpoint mistakes and lock in the CHANGE
3. Stand side by side with you through your development, wing you and break everything down for you and demo for you to see what is possible.
4. Give you everything, step by step (what to say, correct body language, build tension etc)
5. Destroy internal barriers/fear/success barriers
6. All the resources, reading, theory & development advice on dating/socialising/reaching your goals you could EVER need.

How we differ:

check_24x19 NO PUA GIMMICKS ( If you want to wear goggles + feather hats, go somewhere else)

check_24x19 6 Week massive transformational program; unlike anything else available, this works and creates lasting change.
check_24x19 We make overall lifestyle adjustments to maximise your dating opportunities.
check_24x19 Create the plan to fit your goals and design the lifestyle you want. Whether that is a wife, long term girlfriend or multiple partners.
check_24x19 Practical & realistic advice that has been proven to work by science.



Az C
Az C
16:43 24 Nov 15
Michael has taught me some truely wonderful things over the past couple of years. His advise has helped me at various times in my life and he continues to repeatedly bring out awe inspiring content. He has helped me overcome many mental and emotional road block I have faced in my life. He is genuinely passionate about self development and he is one of the coaches that truly cares about his clients. If you ever get a chance to meet him, or listen to him at one of his meetups - you have to go! If you can't make it, at a minimum, watch his youtube channel, which is overflowing with an abundance of extremely useful information and advise that you can put into action today which will change your life!
Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas
18:11 26 Nov 15
Michael is a wonderful guy, his style of coaching is by far the best that I have ever encountered and I must say I have been using service of many dating coaches over the years. Once we started working together he quickly identify my shortcomings, he was challenging me and pushing towards my goals throughout the time of our program. I have improved my women skills a lot and managed to take interactions further than I anticipated to be possible for me. I can honestly say that Michael is the dating coach that I was looking for.
José Domingues
José Domingues
17:39 24 Nov 15
I found Michael while searching online. You’re always a bit sceptical when you search online but I am glad I found him, it was exactly what I needed. You can expect a personalised self-improvement journey, with well supported theory and most importantly one on one, step by step, practice. You won’t believe how quickly you’ll find yourself doing things you never though you’d do, you’ll only wish you’d done it earlier. Personally Michael is a very unpretentious and fun guy who you can trust and feel comfortable throughout the coaching. If you’re reading this you should probably get in touch with him, the one thing he can’t help you with is taking the first step.
Warren Ray
Warren Ray
16:13 02 Dec 15
I first met Michael over a year and a half ago and at the time I really wasn't in a great place. I was unhappy and very frustrated with my dating and social life, in my career, and worst of all in my self-confidence and general happiness. A year and a half since our first meeting and I can honestly say that my life has changed completely and utterly, inside and out. I took Mike's 6 week program and through that very short period Mike gave me the practical advice, resources, contacts, and the push I needed to confront my own fears and limiting beliefs while showing me the mindsets and keys to achieving my dreams in every area of my life. Mike himself is a very fun, positive and friendly guy to be around as others have mentioned. I also found him to be very empathetic, knowledgable and motivational with a genuine desire to help me with my specific goals and barriers. It was a tough beginning making changes but now I look back at getting in contact with Mike and doing his mentoring course as one of the biggest and best decisions I've made in my life. If you're looking for advice, strategies and a push that will cut to the core of how you can improve and achieve what you want in your dating and/or professional life, I'd recommend connecting to Michael without a doubt.
Jean Marc Vangelder
Jean Marc Vangelder
22:05 20 Jan 16
I have been coached by Michael and his colleagues and I can only be positive. A real breath of fresh air. Steering away from the classical tips and trics that go along with pua. A coaching that goes much more in depth than others. You also feel that Michael and colleagues are genuinely listening to you and giving you tailored feedback. super !
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My dating life, well it’s not something I worry about any more because it has completely transformed. I go on several dates a week now and thanks to what I learnt from Core Evolve, I’ll get the girlfriend that I’ve always wanted in no time at all. I can only give thanks to Mike for the tools, the mind-set and prospects. Dean, 42

Overall, he’s one of the very few who are the real deal when comes to being great with women.. Cheers Mike
Steve, 22

Can truthfully say that he is great at offering guidance and support not only at developing good lifestyle habits but more specifically at dating and meeting women. His encouragement and guidance has helped me overcome the initial nervous barrier when talking to someone new and during times of slow progress, he was very patient with me and continued to provide helpful tips and assistance….. At first I was worried about this being a worthwhile investment, could I really do this? (I often asked myself) . Well I’m nearly there. I’m so glad to have you as my coach, not just in dating but for everything!
Tom, 25

I really thought I was a natural introvert, as other people had told me before. In my head I assumed that I was just not a social person; Michael taught me that was not true, and he was right, because now I thrive in those social situations and I love talking! Some of my friends now want to know the secret and I’ve referred a couple people to Michael
Imran, 27

At this stage, before going any further I want to offer you a free one hour session with our team. This one hour session will allow us to identify exactly what is holding you back, where your blind spots are and give you some crucial feedback to move forward. We can also talk more about if the six week program is right for you.

Just fill in the form below now to get your free one hour session (face to face or Skype) and we’ll get in touch to arrange with you.

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It’s completely normal to have doubts about this & you may be scared. You have to think about if the benefits of the dream life and dream girl you’ve always wanted outweigh the fear of taking action.

How much would it be worth to you to sort out your dating life so it never holds you back again? It’s hard to put a price on that because it has the potential to make your life infinitely more enjoyable.

Having the ability to find the woman (or women) of your dreams or to have fun adventures is something that will mould your life story.

Worth it?

Think forward to when you’re on your rocking chair, what kind of life do you want to say you lived?

You need to take action now, you’ll get nothing from sitting around internet forums or watching YouTube videos. I’m offering a clear path to success with women. Don’t wait till next time, why wait another 6 months or 1 year for something you can have QUICKLY if you take action.

Book your FREE session with me now and you’ll receive:

clock_24x24 60 minutes of face time with us
book_alt2_24x21 Constructive breakdown of what you need and the next steps with an action plan
key_stroke_24x24 Other coaching areas can be covered (see life coaching)
comment_stroke_24x21 Feedback email
check_alt_24x24 100% discrete coaching service; strictly confidential

This is my passion and I want to do this for you. There is no time like the present and I’ve seen so many others put it on the back burner and never revisit it. Envisage a life where your dating goals are accomplished. That is what I’ll do for you.

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite quotes.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. –Napoleon Hill

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb

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You will learn:

Goal Setting
Approach in all situations (Day & Night)
Where to meet th best women
No more friends zone
Deep emotional & sexual connection
Body language
What to say
Following up on numbers
Dealing with other males
Everything for dates
Social Circle (Support Networks)
Style, Fashion & Grooming
Online Dating
Networking + Selling
Lifestyle Choices

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