9 Amazing Second Date Ideas

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Amazing Second Date Ideas in London

Once you have had a successful first date you can pat yourself on the back. The most nerve-wracking part of dating is probably creating a good first impression. The good news is that it will be much easier from this point onwards. To give your budding relationship the highest possible chance of success, it is important to pick the right second date idea.
Here are the top 9 second date ideas:

1. Visiting an Art Gallery

It is often said that everybody is a critic and it is always fun to experience art in company. Visiting an art gallery is an excellent idea for a second date if you want to know your date0 and his/her tastes. Whether or not you love art, you will have a lot of fun either poking fun at a painting that could have been done by a child or discussing the virtues of a particular piece over another. However, you should be warned that drastically varying opinions could mean a lot of trouble especially if one of you is passionate about art. Visiting the National Gallery in London could be a very good choice if you want to enjoy beautiful art.

2. Wine Tasting

The key difference between meeting for drinks and attending a wine tasting event is that the activity of sampling different wines helps keep the conversation going, which is great if you are still in the early stages of dating. A second date provides the perfect opportunity to get to know one another better and enjoy shared experiences and wine tasting is the perfect activity for both of these things. If you factor in the wine, you will see exactly why this is the perfect idea for a second date. The London Wine Academy offers several courses, including the Wine Tasting course as well. This could be a perfect activity to bond with your partner.

3. Playing Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is a great idea for a second date because it is a gentle, low-energy activity that even children can partake in. It is what makes it so attractive since even non-athletic individuals can partake in it without feeling too silly about it. However, you should be warned that it can get seriously competitive rather quickly. May it be Crazy Golf, or regular golf that you would like to play, there are plenty of options in London.

4. Getting Sporty

Some people hold the view that nothing is worse than the idea of working out in front of a person you are trying to impress. However, research studies support the claim that couples that work out together stay together. If it happens to be an activity or sport you are both interested in, it can be the perfect way to strengthen the bond between you.  Side-by-side activities such as rock climbing, jogging, and hiking are all excellent ideas for second dates.

5. Wandering ‘Round Botanical Gardens

Kew Gardens

Wandering around a botanical garden is the perfect opportunity for both of you to reconnect with the great outdoors. Your local botanical garden can be the perfect setting for your second date. Simplicity is the key to the idea since botanical gardens are usually quite expansive, which means that you will have enough time to wander around and chat. You also don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of everything. However, this idea is limited to the spring/summer months.

6. Taking a Class Together

If you want a truly unique idea for a second date, why not try taking a class together. The great thing about this idea is not simply the novelty aspect since you will acquire a new skill even if you don’t end up as a couple. In addition, there are plenty of classes you can choose from including cookery, dancing, pottery, yoga, and many more.

7. Plotting a New Trail through Your City

Everyone has that part of town that he/she has always wanted to explore but haven’t. Your second date can be the perfect opportunity to do that. The idea of doing something for the very first time together tends to make it more special. If you have concerns about choosing something not so great, get some recommendations from your colleagues and friends. You should open up yourself to the possibility and you might find an amazing place that you will both remember always. You should get in touch with your shared sense of adventure and get lost in one another’s company.

8. Go For a Picnic

Picnic in London

Everyone wishes for a partner that can cook and is funny too. Being able to cook is probably one of the most attractive qualities in a prospective partner. However, the second date may be a bit too early to invite your date over, so going for a picnic with them is the ideal compromise, especially in the summer. Even if you are not such a great cook, you can still impress if you choose the right foods. Just ensure that your date is not allergic to anything that you serve.

9. Go for a Bike Ride

Nothing is as great as a bike ride. Horse riding might be quite romantic and hiring a boat might be quite impressive, but the disastrous consequences of getting wet or falling off a horse make them both bad ideas for second dates. You should save them for later dates. The great thing about bike rides is that you can hire a bike quite easily in virtually every city and are relatively cheap and it is free to go wherever you wish.

The Bottom Line

Once you have survived the first date the pressure on you will not be as great, but it is still good to impress on the second date too. The 9-second date ideas discussed here are all excellent in their own right. If you have secured a second date, try implementing the ideas discussed here and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Feel free to try out any of these second date ideas, but if you are unsure about your technique, contact Michael Velmont, the best dating coach in London.

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