Michael Valmont has the ability to transform lives; even his own. He was once the shy quiet type and he turned himself into an expert on dating , self-development and leading active social and professional lives.

Countless people have seen him on the web and he has a solid following in YouTube. He has been featured in popular publications like Men’s Health, BBC and the Independent.

He is the go-to guy for information regarding self-development and dating and he has run hundreds of seminars all across the world. The staff at Michael Valmont will do all it takes to help you change your life for the better. Everyone on the team has skills and experience that they will utilize to help you improve any parts of your dating life you aren’t satisfied with.


  • Authenticity

    We want you to become the best version of YOU. We don’t want to change your values or the core of who you are. We want you to bring all those very positive things about yourself to the surface for other people to see.

  • Realistic Strategies for Permanent Change

    We want the results of your work with us to be deep & permanent transformations.

  • Lifestyle

    Yes, this is about dating but this is also about you embracing the most attractive version of yourself in every area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

We have experience working with people of all backgrounds from a range of ages (18 – 83!) and from all ethnicities. We don’t let anything hold you back, all we ask for is an open mind and a willingness and a desire to improve your social & dating life

Can you help me?

We have confidence in our ability to help you. We don’t set unrealistic expectations and ridiculous high standards. We make this achievable for you and towards any goals that you have set. If you’re still unsure, grab a free consultation with us and we will be able to give you more specific feedback

I’m from 'Insert International Place', where can I train with you?

We have programs running nearly all year around in London. We do have extensive international programs which you can look at on our training pages in more detail. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we make sure you have no excuse to get this part of your life handled.

Are you PUA's?

No. We don’t like ‘pick up’ lines or routines. We certainly don’t want you putting on a mask pretending to be someone else because your not attractive enough. Do we think everything the PUA teaches is bad? Absolutely not there are many great teachers but that is just not what we do here

What makes you different?

We truly believe that no other company knows dating like us. We don’t think anyone has been so meticulous in figuring out what exactly it takes to go from someone who isn’t getting the ‘success’ they want. We’ve cracked the code and distilled this into learnable ideas that is taught in a natural, organice way.