How To Attract Women – What 90% of Dating Coaches Won’t Tell You

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I made the below video because I’m simply not happy with the endless ‘shortcuts’ that many ‘gurus’ are proposing as the best way for you to become truly attractive.

“Want a 6 pack? You can get it in simply 6 minutes”

“Want to earn a million dollars,  follow my easy and simple formula and riches will be yours”

“Want to attract your perfect 10? Here are 6 text messages that will get her panties to drop”

Please. Please. Please don’t buy into this absolute bullshit.

It makes me mad to think that people buy into these ideas. What makes me angrier is that, several years ago that was me. I was the exact guy buying into ideas just like the ones above. I was the guy looking for the quick fix or magic pill that was going to get me exactly what I wanted, fast.


No matter what program I tried, I just didn’t get the quick results I was promised and it made me feel like there was something wrong with me.

It was only when I stumbled upon a simple idea – ‘Focus on the process not on the results’ that made me question my attitude towards developing my skillset with women.

Something stirred inside me and made me question all these programs I had taken in the past.

I decided to try a different mindset. “Forget the results and how quickly I can get them” I told  myself. Instead let’s focus on building myself gradually and enjoying the process of whatever it was that I was trying to accomplish.

Instead of focusing on better conversation, better text messaging or better hairstyles I decided to slowly work on all pieces of the attraction puzzle over time.

I worked on my approaching skills: A few conversations with beautiful women each day

I worked on my anxiety and confidence: Doing one or two things that frightened me each day.

I worked on my purposefulness and leadership skills: Wrote goals and read books & took personal development programs.

I worked on my social skills and circle: Went to meetups and focused on my other passions and hobbies such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Previously I would have looked for results to come in a matter of days or weeks (if I was feeling really dedicated). I didn’t expect anything this time, just to keep putting work in and focus on developing myself.

As time passed….

Something miraculous happened , I naturally began attracting women!! With zero additional effort, no special programs or ‘lines’. My contact list on my phone filled up, dates lined up and I finally had the abundance I was looking for in my life.

You may ask yourself, what has this got to do with YOU attracting women.

Please learn from my mistakes.

You can’t simply be the guy looking for the quick fix in dating, you must be the guy who focuses on creating a set of habits that make you attractive. (This goes for really anything you want to be successful in life.)

Hopefully the cloud is lifting and you’ve had your EUREKA! moment.

How do you attract women? You build a habits that make you an attractive man. It’s that simple. You focus on long term growth.  Here are some example keystone habits (and questions you need to ask yourself) that will make you attractive to women:

  • Communication Skills
    • Can you effectively communicate with women ?
    • Do you get anxious, or self conscious?
    • Do you have great conversational skills and tell good stories?
    • What is your body language like?
      • Posture
      • Vocality
      • Eye Contact
    • How do you communicate internally with yourself? What mindsets and limiting beliefs do you hold?
  • Physicality
    • Are you challenging yourself regularly to build strength?
    • Do you share touches with friends/girlfriends
    • Do you have muscular imbalances that need to be fixed?
  • Leadership
    • Do you set yourself goals
    • Do you approach women you’re attracted to regularly
    • Do you have purpose in your life? Are you leading a passionate life?
    • Do you have fun, humour and wind down time embedded into an adventurous life?
    • Are you audacious, cheeky and challenging?

Look, I know we’re trying to summarise a complex topic that many lifetimes have been dedicated to studying.

All I’m trying to do is open your mind up to a new perspective & another opinion. If you carry on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ll always gotten. Perhaps the reason you landed on this page and you’ve read this far is because you know there is more out there than that for you.

Please take onboard the above mindset, because if you do:

I believe you’ll actually find life more rewarding, you’ll become a man more excited about challenge, about setting up a new habit that you allocate a certain amount of time on each day. Then gradually step by step you’ll become attractive, successful and stronger.

Then one day perhaps you’ll bump into an old friend who’ll say “Woah, ‘Insert First Name’ .. is that you?”.

Internally you’ll know your values are the same but you’ll now understand that you’ve changed yourself through sweat equity, blood, tears.

You’ll have become a man that attracts women and is more importantly attractive to himself when he looks himself in the mirror every day.

Should have any questions about this article or how to strategically implement the correct set of habits. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a free consultation.

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