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I’m offering you a completely free one hour no obligation opportunity to talk to me about any issues relating to your dating life.You may only need a small tweak to fix your dating life. Or we can begin laying out the foundation for you to develop the attraction & dating skills you need. Book in now by clicking on the button below and filling out the form.

Learn how to be confident socializing, approaching and attracting women in every setting imaginable and destroy any fears holding you back. I’ve coached guys all over the UK & the world on getting their dating life permanently sorted and now I want to help you, book your discovery session now.

Discover how to meet, attract & connect with women anywhere. Uncover social & dating Mastery:


Internal Mindsets & Framework

You’ll get the ideas and mindsets to uncover your true CORE CONFIDENCE and destroy ANY limiting beliefs you hold. You’ll get all the conversational tools, connection techniques & everything required to be successful with women. (We’re true experts in this field)


Create Real Permanent Change

You will destroy your approach anxiety. You will discover how to escalate. You will find out how to connect deeply with women, sexually and emotionally. You’ll become that charismatic person you want to be.It will be ingrained into so that it is permanent and you don’t revert back to the old you. (No gimmicks)


Practical Advice & Blueprint

You will only be trying methods that have worked for me personally and that I coached into other people and have seen work successfully. Our advice is field tested, we continually come up with ground breaking concepts that OTHER dating coaches/PUA’s are oblivious to because we innovate again and again and again.


Results with Women

I’ve been through what you’re feeling right now. I know what it feels like. Taking action is scary but I’ve helped hundreds of men and I’ve never had anyone who I couldn’t help. Your level of experience with women doesnt matter, we will get you to reach your dating goals.


Develop the Complete Lifestyle

We’ll take a look at how you’re targetting and meeting women currently to make sure you’re MAXIMISING opportunities for success . We’ll assess your fashion, style and lifestyle where necessary to make meeting women natural and easy.

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Az C
Az C
16:43 24 Nov 15
Michael has taught me some truely wonderful things over the past couple of years. His advise has helped me at various times in my life and he continues to repeatedly bring out awe inspiring content. He has helped me overcome many mental and emotional road block I have faced in my life. He is genuinely passionate about self development and he is one of the coaches that truly cares about his clients. If you ever get a chance to meet him, or listen to him at one of his meetups - you have to go! If you can't make it, at a minimum, watch his youtube channel, which is overflowing with an abundance of extremely useful information and advise that you can put into action today which will change your life!
Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas
18:11 26 Nov 15
Michael is a wonderful guy, his style of coaching is by far the best that I have ever encountered and I must say I have been using service of many dating coaches over the years. Once we started working together he quickly identify my shortcomings, he was challenging me and pushing towards my goals throughout the time of our program. I have improved my women skills a lot and managed to take interactions further than I anticipated to be possible for me. I can honestly say that Michael is the dating coach that I was looking for.
José Domingues
José Domingues
17:39 24 Nov 15
I found Michael while searching online. You’re always a bit sceptical when you search online but I am glad I found him, it was exactly what I needed. You can expect a personalised self-improvement journey, with well supported theory and most importantly one on one, step by step, practice. You won’t believe how quickly you’ll find yourself doing things you never though you’d do, you’ll only wish you’d done it earlier. Personally Michael is a very unpretentious and fun guy who you can trust and feel comfortable throughout the coaching. If you’re reading this you should probably get in touch with him, the one thing he can’t help you with is taking the first step.
Warren Ray
Warren Ray
16:13 02 Dec 15
I first met Michael over a year and a half ago and at the time I really wasn't in a great place. I was unhappy and very frustrated with my dating and social life, in my career, and worst of all in my self-confidence and general happiness. A year and a half since our first meeting and I can honestly say that my life has changed completely and utterly, inside and out. I took Mike's 6 week program and through that very short period Mike gave me the practical advice, resources, contacts, and the push I needed to confront my own fears and limiting beliefs while showing me the mindsets and keys to achieving my dreams in every area of my life. Mike himself is a very fun, positive and friendly guy to be around as others have mentioned. I also found him to be very empathetic, knowledgable and motivational with a genuine desire to help me with my specific goals and barriers. It was a tough beginning making changes but now I look back at getting in contact with Mike and doing his mentoring course as one of the biggest and best decisions I've made in my life. If you're looking for advice, strategies and a push that will cut to the core of how you can improve and achieve what you want in your dating and/or professional life, I'd recommend connecting to Michael without a doubt.
Jean Marc Vangelder
Jean Marc Vangelder
22:05 20 Jan 16
I have been coached by Michael and his colleagues and I can only be positive. A real breath of fresh air. Steering away from the classical tips and trics that go along with pua. A coaching that goes much more in depth than others. You also feel that Michael and colleagues are genuinely listening to you and giving you tailored feedback. super !
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