First Date Tips For Men

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A Few Essential First Date Tips for Men Looking for that Crucial Second

It is easy for the earthbound male to feel impressed, intrigued and perplexed by a woman and this can make women seem like complicated creatures with mysterious agendas and unattainable expectations. But, there is also a very simple person in there with a strong desire to feel equally inspired, safe and desirable.

Once these tips are understood you will find the female-folk are quite readily pleased from the first date and can be charmed into a second. Following are few insightful pointers from Female HQ, that can help you make that romantic liaison.

1. First Dates Should be Light, Fun, Romantic and Intentional

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Coffee dates should be considered the essential weigh in to see if the participants can even keep each other happy and entertained with each other’s company for a full evening, this is NOT the first date. Your first date should include reservations and picking her up. Without these key ingredients, you haven’t hit that first date mark that can safely result in date No. 2. The planning and preparation are a big part of the final result.

2. Actions speak louder than words

Women are fully aware that men will invest their greatest resources into those things that interest them the most. Resources does not have the singular meaning of “money”, it can also be time, energy creativity and enthusiasm.

If your date shows no investment on your part, the woman can get the idea that you don’t approve or have an interest in her. This triggers the “shoo-shoo” response very quickly. You don’t have to dole out large amounts of cash and pick her up in a limo. Investments can also be undivided sincere attention, a creative touch that delights her or the capacity to make her smile. A good time is far better than a large tab.

3. Mind Your Manners

Good manners show your date you are aware of her feelings and consider them important. For example, calling on time making confirmations and staying punctual will remove so much anxiety and stress from the first date.

So, when the big day arrives, call at 3 to tell her you are looking forward to seeing her later, even if she dismisses your call she appreciates it. A man who enthusiastic about the occasion may even call the day before simply to express the sentiment. The knight in shining armor type will even call her when he is on his way to pick her up (the anticipation of your arrival will be a priceless jewel in your favor when she is reviewing the evening later). Then don’t mess it up and hit that doorbell later than the appointed moment.

4. Signal your Approval

You will find a woman quite happy to exchange her affection for your care, approval and positive attention. From the moment, the door opens she is waiting for clues that you understand this point. As you are at her house and she has vouchsafed to spend her evening with you at your request, letting her know you appreciate this and her fetching company will increase the likelihood of a strong connection.

This is best applied with sincere compliments, charming remarks (that apply directly to her), but more importantly the way you look at her and interact with her. Body language is a crucial form of communication here.

5. The Importance of the Plan

A woman loves a man with the foresight to build a winning combination. And nothing will demonstrate your prowess at this small miracle than orchestrating the perfect date. The fact that you work from a plan shows the woman you are not just winging this performance but you have applied the magic of forethought to achieving the outcome. If you are in control it is a sign that she can relax and begin enjoying herself, this is where that second date becomes a likely possibility. If you have to ask her what she wants to do next, she’ll assume you are just looking for a physical connection or lack the motivation to take things to the next level. Either way, she will get the feeling you aren’t worth her time.

If you do everything good, the chances are high that you will be on a second date. Click here to see some tips for the second date!

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