• team1
    Michael Valmont
    Leader of the pack. Founder.

    I’ve coached hundreds of men through live training globally on getting better with women over the past few years. I’ve been a featured experts for several top publications and have seen every conceivable issue a man can have. My passion & purpose is to develop your confidence, social & dating skills so they never hold you back. I transformed myself and have achieved incredible results for my clients, my commitment is to you and your results.

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    Maria Rivington
    MA & BA (Hons) Voice Coach

    As a linguist and hugely experienced personal development coach (Virgin, Kingfisher, Sky News, Deloittes), Maria ensures your verbal communication creates the impact you want, leaving you confident in any social or professional situation. Her sessions address issues around projection, tone, articulation, vocabulary and accent. Maria’s aim is to make sure you reach your full vocal potential, creating the strong impression you need.
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    Matthew East-wood
    Dating Expert

    Matt has gone through one of the biggest transformations ever. As a child Matt was diagnosed with a “Severe Stammer” that crippled his social life through school.

    Fast Forward to today and Matt is one of the leading confidence, charisma and dating coaches there are. Is incredible story makes it very easy for him to relate to students and break down social sticking points you may have!


  • team4
    Specialist Dating & Social Coach

    Sam specialises in mind-management, authentic communication, social awareness and language patterns. His experience entails 2 years working with students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, ADD as well as Bipolar Disorder and Dysthymia. Besides this, he has coached men of all ages on how to improve their verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as their overall confidence, relationships and dating lives.
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    Jasmia Robinson
    Former Top Model & Coach

    Jasmia not only teaches the skills necessary to start, build and maintain relationships but injects fun into the process making it a truly life changing experience. Using her acclaimed natural technique with a phenomenal success rate and great reputation, Jasmia helps clients build on their confidence and conversational skills and practices in the real life scenarios supporting the client every step of the way.
  • team5
    Laura Yates
    Female Dating Coach & Break Up Specialist 

    Laura also helps people to work through their negative self-belief patterns, overcome shyness and build their confidence and self-esteem to feel in a more empowered place to go out and create a more fulfilled dating life.

     Laura has been featured in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Grazia, Marie Claire, Elite Man Magazine and Entrepreneur on Fire and is a regular contributor for Elite Daily,, Eharmony and Thought Catalog. 

  • team6
    Jamie Hudders
    Behind The Scenes

    Jamie is one of the founders of our business and is incredible knowledgable when it comes to the both the dating scene and the business behind dating.

    He handles our marketing, press and world wide events and does so in great style too!

  • team7
    Stylist, Model & Dating VIP

    Ollie is a professional fashion model, stylist and lifestyle coach who specialises in helping guys to create the perfect image.

    His fashion and image consulting is timeless and universal. He is able to get results with every body type and personality. Ollie is able to achieve the perfect aesthetic image which is so important in attracting the opposite sex.

  • ioannis
    Social & Dating Coach

    Ioannis was once a self proclaimed ‘gaming’ junkie and shy introvert. He now has conquered his fears and enjoys a fruitful dating life and uses his new found skills and ideas to help clients from all corners of the globe.

    His free flowing and fun style puts you at ease and allows you to learn that being social and dating should not be hard and unenjoyable. His rich experience promises to help transform your dating life.